General Guides for Improvement

Below is a compilation of guides written by various members of the community over the years about how to improve at Quizbowl. Most of these guides are geared towards high school students, although much of the advice is equally applicable to collegiate-level players.

Charlie Dees, of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance, has a great general guide to improving as a player, focusing on the high school years. His guide is a great way to start if you’re completely new to the game of Quizbowl!

Niki Peters, a former competitor on College Jeopardy and current player on UC Berkeley’s team, has a very extensive guide to the game that goes over everything from studying to preparing for nationals to coaching. A fantastic all-purpose guide that goes into tremendous detail.

Colin McNamara, a player for Boise State’s Quizbowl team, put together a guide for coaches on how to guide teams to the next level in their Quizbowl play. It also contains a number of great insights for players as well!

Raj Bhan, a Quizbowl luminary from long ago, wrote the classic guide to improving, which can still be relevant for those who are transitioning into college Quizbowl.