Useful Links

The Forums – This is the comprehensive forum for both high school and collegiate level Quizbowl across the country. Not only can you stay abreast on tournament announcements and outcomes, but you can also engage in quizbowl related discussions with people from all over the country. While it isn’t necessary, creating an account and using it is a great way to immerse yourself in the quizbowl community, although please familiarize yourself with the forum rules before posting on it.

Quizbowl Packets – This is the most readily available compendium of quizbowl questions on the internet. Featuring both a high school and college section, you can use this site to review questions from most tournaments. We’ll be using questions obtained from this website for our practices. Studying former packets is the best way to get yourself familiarized with the game!

Quizbowl Stats Lookup – Developed by Harry White, this site allows you to look up stats for individual players and teams through both the NAQT and HSQB databases.

Quinterest – A highly useful site containing both a searchable database of several hundred thousand questions on the Quizbowl Packets database, as well as Quizbug, an app that allows you to practice on questions that you may yourself specify. Good for looking up past clues on topics, as well as generating random questions to study from.

Sign-up doc – A spreadsheet tracking sign-ups for UVa team members for both playing and staffing tournaments at UVa and in the mid-Atlantic region.

Aseem’s DB – An alternative database for questions that has a greater variety and number of questions than Quinterest, but a less appealing GUI to go along with it.

Up Late with Eric Xu – A podcast about high school Quizbowl that is also applicable to many aspects of the college game.